Samskip adds 45ft flatracks to its fleet


Samskip is pleased to announce it has recently added 50 45ft flatracks to its fleet after arriving from China in Rotterdam earlier this week.

The high-cube 45ft flatrack has been designed with internal loading maximised and empty weight minimised to carry longer, higher, wider and heavier loads than would fit on a standard 45ft flatrack; such as: timber (such as logs or sawn), metals (i.e. steel mats) and project cargo (windmills or tanks).

  • Optimized design: the new flats have an increased 26mm loading length to 13,196 m, as well as a 82mm increased loading width to 2,352m; 3.6% wider than a standard flatrack!
  • Increased payload: the tare weight has been reduced to 5,570 kgs: 380kgs less a 6.4% reduction. For instance this enables a payload of 28,430 tonnes between the Netherlands and Germany.

These new units are the latest additions to Samskip's innovative equipment fleet; in line with customer requirements, they have been built for strength and safety, but also flexibility, weight efficiency, and ultimately a sustainable solution. Whether a decreased tare weight to transport more cargo weight or less overall weight, both options mean reduced CO2 emissions per ton transported!

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