Samskip gets accredited once more with the ISO 14001:2015 environmental sustainability certification - 4.7.2019

We are proud to announce that Lloyd's Register once again certified us with the ISO 14001:2015 certification.

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Highest shipment for Samskip Breakbulk Services ever - 26.6.2019

The highest shipment for Samskip Breakbulk Services ever has been started Read more

Samskip Russia launches global airfreight logistics service with beer festival success - 20.6.2019

Samskip Russia has launched airfreight services connecting Moscow and St Petersburg to destinations worldwide, providing a single point of contact for time sensitive shipments door to door.

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Samskip at Breakbulk Europe 2019 - 20.6.2019

The world's largest event for project cargo and breakbulk specialists provides a focal point for Samskip in 2019, as the multi-disciplined transport and logistics company continues its growth strategy for breakbulk.

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Nor Lines AS launches a pilot for the coastal concept of the future - 20.6.2019

As we are experiencing industrial growth and business sector developments, the need for domestic transportation services in Norway is growing strongly. Read more

Samskip fine tunes multimodal network for post-Brexit hard choices - 20.6.2019

Pan-European multimodal service provider Samskip says experience gained up to March 31, 2019 find it fully prepared for a North Sea container traffic surge, as attitudes harden in the run up to October's revised Brexit deadline   Read more

Iberia Schedule and Vessels – Announcement - 12.4.2019

Please be aware regarding the changes in sailings for Iberia from Rotterdam and Tilbury to Bilbao. The new departures and vessel names are listed below: Read more

Brexit – Door to Door shipments - 8.4.2019

After our first Brexit preparation letter of February 13th, this communication is assuming that the UK will leave the European Union without a deal Read more

Brexit Quay-Quay Shipment Guidelines - 4.4.2019

After our first Brexit preparation letter of February 13th, this communication is assuming that the UK will leave the European Union without a deal 

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Brexit Update: Transitional Simplified Process - 2.4.2019

Last week, the UK Government announced that the Transitional Simplified Procedure (TSP) for clearance in the event of a no-deal Brexit on April 12th will be applicable to all UK Ports and further easing of the requirements for trading in Standard goods were announced.

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Pre-Brexit Peak Volume & Quay Rent Surcharge - 11.1.2019

For the last couple of years Samskip has proactively invested in North Sea container shipping services, offering our clients flexible solutions. 

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Press Release - Samskip's investments secure supply chain against Brexit  - 6.12.2018

Two years of pre-Brexit investment in North Sea container shipping services is proving decisive in winning shippers away from cross-Channel ferry route.

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Happy holidays from Samskip! - 5.12.2018

Here is to new adventures

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Update - Rhine Low Water - 21.11.2018

Please be advised that, per our previous communication, our Germany corridor is still impacted by the extreme drop in water levels along the Rhine river following the persistent heat and drought in Central Europe. 

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Winter Surcharge Russia - 6.11.2018

Due to seasonal increase in the local tariffs and the special weather and iceconditions prevailing in the St. Petersburg area during winter time we herewithinform you about implementation of a winter surcharge

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Samskip Netherlands-Italy rail service launch brings multimodal benefits to Amsterdam - 18.10.2018

Samskip is making a significant addition to its north-south continental rail services, launching direct services between Melzo and Amsterdam. 

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Chairman Samskip Rail, Henk van Dieren, awarded with the 'Spoorman van het Jaar 2018' award - 16.10.2018

Henk van Dieren, Chairman Samskip Rail, was honored with the 'Spoorman van het Jaar 2018' award. 

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Samskip Russia launches new trailer service expanding its line of customer solutions - 5.10.2018

Samskip Russia is launching a new trailer service from European countries to Russia, Baltics and CIS countries and vice versa as an expansion of its multimodal service.

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Denmark Rail closure 12-10 untill 16-10 - Door Door - 2.10.2018

We have been informed by Banedanmark, the Danish Rail Infrastructure Manager, that there will be a full track closure in Denmark impacting the lines we operate between 12.10.2018 22:10 until 16.10.2018 10:10. 

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Samskip launches new Antwerp/UK shortsea route expanding its European multimodal network - 1.10.2018

Samskip is launching a new shortsea service connecting Antwerp and Hull, in an expansion of its continent-UK multimodal network that also sees it debut at Belgium's largest port.

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Samskip upgrades Nor Lines shortsea service network connecting to Norwegian coasts - 28.9.2018

Samskip is restructuring the multi-purpose cargo and reefer services connecting North Sea and Baltic ports to Norway operated by subsidiary Nor Lines, in a move that adds capacity, frequency and new port options to the logistics mix. 

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New Samskip Executive Management Team appointed to head up next phase developments - 26.9.2018

Samskip has announced that a new Executive Management Team will take forward the development of Samskip, with effect from October 1st

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Birkir Hólm

Mr. Birkir Hólm Guðnason Hired as CEO of Samskip Iceland - 24.9.2018

The board of Samskip hf. in Iceland has hired Mr. Birkir Hólm Guðnason as CEO. Mr. Guðnason previously held the position of CEO for Icelandair for ten years. Before becoming CEO for Icelandair he worked for six years managing various international operations for Icelandair and he enjoyed a total of 18 years with the company.

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Operational Announcement - Strike Portugal - 17.9.2018

Please be informed that stevedoring unions have declared a strike. 

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Samskip introduces new sailing schedule for its North Atlantic Service - 11.9.2018

Advancing with improved services to meet the demands of the market. Samskip is making significant changes to its shipping routes serving Iceland and Faroe Islands going into effect in October.

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Jens Holger Nielsen bids farewell to Samskip - 10.9.2018

Jens Holger Nielsen helped Samskip become one of the most important pan-European shipping and logistics companies offering multi-modal transport and related services by land, sea, rail and air, through a network of over 70 offices.

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Expert insight: Early Learning Initiative covers Dublin's summer break - 27.8.2018

"Securing funding for staff over the summer is a very important next step for us"

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Rhine Low Water - 23.8.2018

Please be advised that part of our Germany corridor is currently impacted by the extreme drop in water levels along the Rhine river following the persistent heat and drought in Central Europe Read more

Samskip relocates to Hull - 5.7.2018

Samskip Iceland is changing ports in the UK on 16 July, moving from Immingham to Hull. 

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Planned Strike of National Union of Port Workers - 30.5.2018

National Union of Port Workers have declared a strike for a halt of operations Read more

Quay Rent Change Portugal - 30.5.2018

The quay rent terms at the terminals in Portugal have changed

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Samskip, in co-operation with its partners, now offers a new service from Poland, Lithuania and Norway - 18.4.2018

This is a new route in the Baltic which started in the beginning of April 

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Samskip brings Rotterdam into Nor Lines' flexible LNG-powered service network - 18.4.2018

We are very pleased to announce that Nor Lines will include calls at Rotterdam for the first time in its weekly multipurpose liner service connecting to Western, Mid and Northern Norway, with effect from June 1st. 

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Samskip expands weekly shortsea and multimodal services between Amsterdam and Hull to three sailings per week - 11.4.2018

As per our previous communication, we are very pleased to announce that our brand-new service on the UK Trade operating between Amsterdam and Hull has expanded to three sailings per week

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Official opening's ceremony Amsterdam - Hull - 28.3.2018

We are very pleased to inform that today, Samskip, TMA Logistics and the Port of Amsterdam have officially opened the new shortsea and multimodal service between Amsterdam and Hull.

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Infographic - Send Packing - 22.3.2018

Always been curious how many Euro pallets and Block pallets we can fit into our variety of containers? See the infographic!

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Infographic - (Bi)cycle Of Life - 14.3.2018

Healthier living and a positive impact on our planet by just riding the bike? Check out this infographic about the (bi)cycle of life. 

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Start-up schedule new Amsterdam and Hull shortsea service - 13.3.2018

We are very pleased to announce a brand-new service on the UK Trade operating between Amsterdam and Hull, starting next Wednesday 21st March.

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Samskip introduces new shortsea and multimodal services between Amsterdam and Hull - 1.3.2018

Samskip announced a major enhancement in its shortsea and multimodal services between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, with the addition of direct connections between Amsterdam and Hull. 

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Samskip Logistics and DC Logistics Brasil to extend the Brazilian offerings - 17.1.2018

Samskip Logistics and freight forwarding force DC Logistics Brasil have signed a national representation agreement. Read more

Samskip Infographic - Northern Lights - 15.1.2018

Check out our latest infographic on the Northern lights; our Hurtigruten coastal express offers the perfect way to see this phenomenon in the Arctic. Read more

Expert insight: The efficiency route to greener ships - 4.1.2018

Read how Nav-Tech Fleet Director, Christopher Goldsworthy, prepared for the EU's new Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) CO2 emissions regime.

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Infographic: Christmas - 14.12.2017

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... So read all you need to know about one of our favourite holidays!

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Samskip adds 100 rail wagons to its fleet - 13.12.2017

These type T-3000 wagons are specifically designed to transport (mega) Huckepack trailers as well as all types of containers.

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Expert insight: Driving towards sustainable transport - 4.12.2017

Samskip Fleet Management Supervisor Gerwin Winters oversees a fleet of 200 new Mercedes trucks.

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New Samskip movie - 21.11.2017

A brand new Samskip movie focusing on the ‘multimodal dance'!

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Infographic: On point services - 1.11.2017

From point to point, our sea and land terminals are key to Samskip's pan-European transport network. This infographic explains it all:

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Infographic: Halloween - 23.10.2017

Sugar, spice and everything nice: with our reefers we ship over 660 million chocolate bars a year! All you need to know about Halloween in one infographic!

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Whiskey - "The water of life" - 9.10.2017

Everything you need to know about whiskey, or should we say whisky, can be found here....

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Tracking white-fronted geese - 3.10.2017

We are proud to be involved with Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust's research into the alarming population decline of Greenland White-fronted geese.

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Teamwork recipe for Samskip Riga - 22.9.2017

We caught up with Aigars Eksa of Samskip Riga to find out how the Riga operation is distinguished not only by long service but by attachments that cross generations.

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Infographic Samskip Innovations - 22.9.2017

In 20 years, Samskip has substantially decreased the weight of the 45ft PWHC container; thereby increasing payload for our clients!

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Mobile without the mobile - 21.9.2017

Samskip participate in the campaign “Mobile without the mobile” led by the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR). Samskip is one of many participating companies.

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Samskip expands shortsea services in Scotland - 19.9.2017

These steps demonstrate our ongoing commitment to serve the Scottish business community's needs.

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Samskip wins 5th place in 2017 FleetBoard Drivers League promoting fuel efficient truck driving - 18.9.2017

Samskip entered the 2017 FleetBoard Drivers League together with 80 other Dutch transport companies.

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Samskip adds 45ft flatracks to its fleet - 13.9.2017

These new units are the latest additions to Samskip's innovative equipment fleet.

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Infographic: Saving the Greenland white-fronted goose - 12.9.2017

Samskip is reinforcing its commitment to the environment by backing new research of the
Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT).

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Expert insight: Building a better future - 12.9.2017

Samskip's Facility Manager, Elbert van den Bos, has a full plate when it comes to the company's sustainability initiatives. Find out what he does to help build a better future.

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Infographic in and outbound logistics - 4.9.2017

Together with the pallet provider CHEP, we offer a sustainable modular unit to clients which they can use to load their products.

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Acquisition Nor Lines by Samskip cleared - 29.8.2017

Samskip's acquisition would not result in a significant impediment to effective competition.

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Italy rail traffic update - 25 August - 25.8.2017

The latest update regarding the closed railway tracks between Offenburg and Karlsruhe.

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Italy rail traffic update - 18.8.2017

The latest update on the closed railway tracks between Offenburg and Karlsruhe.

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Samskip makes major Norwegian acquisition with Nor Lines takeover - 25.7.2017

Samskip has announced that it will acquire activities associated with Nor Lines AS, in a major expansion of its shipping, transport and logistics businesses in Norway.

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Saving the Greenland white-fronted goose - 24.7.2017

We are proud to be involved with Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust's research into the alarming population decline of Greenland White-fronted geese.

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Transport planning: are you up for a new challenge? - 17.7.2017

Are you ready to plan your own route at Samskip?

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Customer Services in the world of transport: a multimodal challenge - 17.7.2017

High quality service starts with Samskip. We recognise that togetherness is the key to success: are you ready to join us?

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GreenBridge animation - 3.7.2017

At Greenbridge our goal is to redefine the way of transport between Turkey and Europe. Take the transportation of tyres for example.

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Train collision Germany - 30.6.2017

Please be informed that today one of our trains arriving from Helsingborg, Sweden was involved in a frontal collision in Germany. Luckily, no lives were lost.

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The route of talent - 28.6.2017

Samskip not only focuses on the best possible routes for its containers, but also on the best pathways to develop talent – including yours.

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Samskip to join the European Supply Chain and Logistics Summit 2017 - 12.6.2017

This year, the summit is held from 19 - 21 June in Barcelona.

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Samskip Animation - Baby food! - 8.6.2017

At Samskip, we aim to build a better future by making sure babies get the best nutrition available. Here's how we do this:

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Spain / Portugal Services - Schedule update - 6.6.2017

During the coming weeks, several of our services will be restructured to better respond to the market needs.

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Samskip infographic - Herring! - 6.6.2017

All you need to know about the 'silver of the sea'!

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Samskip adds reefer capacity when Danser steps in - 31.5.2017

Samskip has announced a further investment in unitised reefer capacity, this time targeting growth in its North Atlantic volumes.

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Samskip unveils multimodal carbon calculator - 8.5.2017

In line with its Sustainability strategy, Samskip has unveiled an online CO2 carbon footprint calculator.

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Successful Samskip events - 5.5.2017

Last month Samskip and Samskip Logistics have attended four very successful events:

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Samskip supports Dutch community in the education of children - 28.4.2017

Samskip organised a terminal tour at the Rotterdam Shortsea Terminal for 18 children and their teachers.

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Samskip Logistics adds to reefer portfolio through Rimar acquisition - 20.4.2017

Samskip is to expand its global refrigerated foods transportation interests once more..

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Samskip Animation - Codfish! - 19.4.2017

At Samskip, our goal is for you to enjoy your food as freshly as possible. Take codfish…

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Samskip installs innovative, environmentally friendly data center cooling system - 31.3.2017

Samskip is pleased to announce an innovative, environmentally friendly data center cooling system has been installed earlier this month.

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Samskip Animation - Italian wine! - 31.3.2017

At Samskip, we want you to enjoy quality products from all over the world. Take wine for example…

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Expert insight: A view of Brexit from south of the border - 23.3.2017

Richard Archer on what Brexit means for the shortsea traffic between the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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2017 Transport Logistic - 22.3.2017

Samskip and Samskip Logistics are pleased to announce we will be exhibiting with custom-designed stands.

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Successful client event in Hamburg - 16.3.2017

Last week we held a client event to inform about our Norway West Coast Quay - Quay / Feeder route.

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Multimodal 2017 - 7.3.2017

Pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at the Multimodal 2017!

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Samskip response to FNV allegations and EenVandaag Broadcast - 28.2.2017

Samskip has taken notice that Dutch labour union FNV would have reported an official complaint.

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New strike announced in Spain - 27.2.2017

Please be informed that new strike actions have been announced in all ports in Spain.

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Spanish strike actions suspended - 17.2.2017

The strike actions scheduled for the 20th, 22nd and 24th of February have been called off. Read more

Samskip further enhances the Norway Oslofjord service - 9.2.2017

Please be informed that the sailing schedules for the Norway Oslofjord service will be optimized further.

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Flat out commitment - 11.1.2017

Read "A day in the life" of truck driver Bram Binnendijk who has a 20-year career in haulage and a solid dedication to the flatrack business.

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Samskip, Smurfit Kappa and BCTN Roermond join forces - 9.1.2017

Smurfit Kappa, Samskip and BCTN are proud to announce that they have set up a cost effective, sustainable transport solution to take cargo off the road.

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Samskip extends operations with Hector Rail - 23.12.2016

Hector Rail and Samskip have agreed to develop their partnership on Sweden and the continent further.  Read more

Samskip Logistics opens country operations in Gdansk, Poland - 19.12.2016

Samskip Logistics is pleased to announce that we have opened a new office in Gdansk, Poland. Read more

Happy Holidays! - 16.12.2016

Samskip wishes you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and successful 2017!

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Samskip and Rail Cargo Group combine multimodal networks to connect Romania and Sweden - 13.12.2016

Samskip and the Rail Cargo Group have announced plans to link their multimodal transport networks by launching a rail connection between Curtici, Romania and major logistics centres in Sweden. Read more

Samskip and Howdens awarded a Highly Commended for the 2016 Supply Chain Partnership Award - 8.11.2016

Samskip and Howdens have been awarded a Highly Commended at the prestigious Global Logistics Award 2016 for Supply Chain Partnership. Read more

Samskip renews ISO9001:2008 certification - 28.10.2016

Samskip successfully retains the ISO9001:2008 certification, and extended the validity of the certification for the next three years. Read more

Samskip opens new office in Bergen, Norway - 26.10.2016

Samskip is pleased to announce that we have opened a new office in Bergen, Norway for the former staff of Euro Container Line. Read more

Samskip Container Vessel Management - 24.10.2016

Samskip to introduce a dedicated in-house Vessel Management Team to assure commercial and quality excellence.
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Samskip infographic - A constructive contribution - 24.10.2016

Check out our latest infographic on our constructive contribution to the Building industry!
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