Perishable or temperature-sensitive goods

Samskip has a large fleet of 40ft high cube and 45ft pallet-wide reefers available.

The 45ft reefer offers a cost and transport efficient solution as it holds 33 Euro pallets and can be used across our multimodal network.

Our reefers safely transport all temperature sensitive or perishable products within the range from -30°C to +30°C; e.g., fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, flowers, plants, frozen foods, sweets, wine and pharmaceuticals.

Real-time track and trace management software is used to monitor and control the sensor-connected 45ft refrigerated container units whether they are awaiting pick-up or delivery, or moving anywhere in our logistics chain. Pre-trip inspections are straightforward and speedy, with the potential for human error minimized. Meanwhile, automated alarms warn of any potential risk of cargo damage ahead of time.