Samskip has been serving Ireland for many years and has built up valuable experience, strong local presence as well as an extensive customer base.

The skyline of Dublin City, Ireland looking east along the quays towards the docklands area

Key Features

  • Reliable schedule and sustainable transport
  • Variety of equipment types
  • Our direct connection from Rotterdam to Ireland as alternative to the UK landbridge
  • Strong local organization
  • Door-Door and Part Load Services
  • Ability to load Thursday/Friday in Benelux/Ruhr and deliver Monday morning in Dublin area
  • Link with the Samskip network, connecting Ireland with CEE, Scandinavia, Baltics and Russia

What’s New?

New direct service from Amsterdam to Ireland. Connecting Dublin with the European mainland with a fixed day sailing.

  • Increased reliability Italy, 8-9 trains per week Melzo- Rotterdam per 6th of May
  • New and improved equipment fleet (45ft, reefers, flatracks)
  • Variety of transport solutions serving door-to-door connections between the continent and Ireland

Sailing Schedule - Weekly sailings

Sortsea connections to/ from Rotterdam Sailings Transit times (quay-quay)
Dublin 2x per week 4 days
Cork 2x per week 5 days
Waterford 2x per week 5 days
Belfast 1x per week 5 days
Sortsea connections to/ from Amsterdam Sailings Transit times (quay-quay)
Dublin 1x per week 4 days
Waterford1x per week4 days

Onward connectionsTransit times (door-door)
Benelux5 days
Germany5-6 days
Italy8-11 days
Spain/Portugal10-12 days
Norway10-12 days
Sweden8-13 days
Eastern Europe9-12 days
Turkey12-13 days
Baltic States10-12 days
Russia11-13 days