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(new) Sustainability report 2022

Sustainability highlights

4 vessels on 100% biofuels

Leading to 89% CO2 reduction per vessel

35% renewable electricity

In all of our locations

10% CO2e reduction in 2022

In all of our operations

Ecovadis GOLD 2023
EcoVadis Gold for Samskip Multimodal

Top 2% within our industry

Science-Based Targets

Samskip is committed to the Science-Based Targets Initiative, on its way to Net-Zero emissions in 2040.

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It’s the Samskip way! From decreasing negative impact, to creating a positive one.

Sustainability lies at the centre of our company. It’s our license to operate in the future, making it key to the long-term continuity of our company, and for the societies in which we operate. We are committed to seizing every opportunity on our journey to become Net-Zero by 2040.

We focus our efforts on the areas of Environment, People, Customers, and our Quality. Through aligning and structuring our actions and initiatives along these principles, we have committed to become Europe’s most sustainable container transport provider.

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Samskip Environmental Management System

Samskip's Environmental Management System is recognized under the ISO14001. Our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint are continuous and focus on three areas: Social & Environment, Quality and Profitability. And, to measure our progress, Samskip measures five key performance indicators to calculate exactly how much we are increasing the intermodal component in services, reducing emissions in both absolute value and per km, reducing KWh of electricity used in our offices, and reducing our waste and water use.

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How we reach Net-Zero

By decreasing our CO₂ emissions annually we will reach Net-Zero by 2040. Reductions are compared to a 2020 baseline.


Reduction by 2023


Reduction by 2025


Reduction by 2030


Reduction by 2040

Multimodal Logistics – because the greenest fuel is the one not used.

Over 50% of CO2 can be reduced on many routes, just by taking a multimodal approach. With new fuels often stealing the show, energy efficiency can be neglected when talking about decarbonization. However, it should be the very first priority when bringing down your emissions. There is no greener energy source than the energy not used!

That’s why Samskip operates an extensive Multimodal transport network using shortsea vessels, inland barges, trains, and trucks. Moving cargo off the roads, and onto trains and barges can save significant amounts of emissions, often over 50% compared to road transport!

Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, local emissions, and noise pollution in populated areas, as well as traffic congestion, the modal shift has been the core of our network for years.

Curious how much emissions you can save by switching to Samskip’s multimodal network? Find out by using our Carbon Calculator.

Calculate your emission reduction


All aboard the energy transition! But where are we heading?

Biofuels, and investments in alternative sources of energy bring Samskip’s carbon footprint further down towards Net-Zero.

To become the most sustainable transport provider in Europe, Samskip cannot rely on multimodality alone. Our experts on renewable fuels are carefully considering how to answer that one pressing question, “what will be our next source of energy?” Long story short, it depends.

Over the years, Samskip has acquired a base of inhouse knowledge on alternative fuels, enabling it to choose the right energy source for the right usage

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Sustainable biofuels in our Trucks

In our trucking operations, we’re increasing the use of HVO biofuels.

This waste-based fuel is carefully selected to ensure that its production does not compete with food production or forest land.

Making the switch from diesel to HVO biofuels can save as much as 90%* of CO2 emissions!

Samskip is planning to expand the usage of HVO biofuels gradually in the coming years. Contact your Samskip account manager to see how these CO2 reductions can benefit you.

Sustainable biofuels in our Vessels

Samskip has increased its commitment to greener shipping by switching 4 of its vessels to run 100% biofuels, ISCC certified and from sustainable origin.

The usage of these biofuels results in CO2 reductions of up to 89%* on these vessels! This initiative underlines our longstanding dedication to take a leading role in reducing CO2 emissions within the industry.

Samskip is continuously expanding the use of biofuels to keep decreasing its emissions.

*DISCLAIMER By booking with Samskip our clients cannot automatically account for the CO2 reductions mentioned above. Please consult your contact at Samskip for the options of purchasing CO2 reduction rights, and your accurate CO2 emissions when using Samskip’s service.

LNG-power! The story of Kvitnos and Kvitbjørn

Following the acquisition of the Norwegian company Nor Lines, Samskip has expanded its fleet with two LNG-vessels: Kvitnos and Kvitbjørn. These Rolls-Royce Marine designed vessels were delivered in 2015, completely eliminate NOx emissions, they will reduce SOx emissions by 90% and, in per ton/km terms, produce 70% lower CO2 emissions than the equivalent truck freight move. Overall, they are 65% more energy-efficient than a ship running on conventional marine fuel. We see LNG as a transition fuel that enabled us to decrease emissions without have to wait for technological advances of alternative fuels.


Navigating the Future: new vessels and alternative energy

The SeaShuttle: Hydrogen-powered. Autonomous-ready. Emission-free.

Committed towards a greener future, Samskip is at the forefront of innovation with their Sea-Shuttle project. While biofuels and LNG are great transition fuels, Samskip is taking it to the next level by developing two hydrogen-powered vessels that are ready to be operated autonomously, and have the potential to be operated zero-emission.

With project SeaShuttle, our commitment to build two hydrogen-powered and autonomous-ready container ships for emissions-free shipping was rewarded with €15M in funding from Norwegian state enterprise ENOVA. The ambitious project, led by Samskip aims to create one of Europe's first zero-emission "green corridors" between the Oslo Fjord and Rotterdam. The two 700 TEU ships will be fitted with hydrogen fuel cells and diesel-electric propulsion as a backup.

Set to hit the seas in 2025, these vessels will revolutionize shipping as we know it, as they connect Rotterdam to the greater Oslo area, all while emitting nothing but pure water from the exhaust.

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