Driving Excellence through Supply Chain Data

Samskip Newsletter

In today's dynamic logistics landscape, your success is our priority. One of the key initiatives we have undertaken is an intensive focus on data-driven strategies. "Driving Excellence through Supply Chain Data" is our commitment to harnessing the power of comprehensive supply chain data and Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards. So, each month, we will introduce one of our BI tools here.

Lead Time Business Intelligence Dashboard

In this edition, we introduce to you our Lead Time Business Intelligence Dashboard. At Samskip, we understand the paramount importance of timely and efficient container movement. So, we are proud to share some background about our new professional Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard, specifically tailored for monitoring lead time performance.

Our BI dashboard incorporates a comprehensive set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that allow us to track and measure various aspects of our transit operations. These KPIs enable us to gain valuable insights into our performance, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that your shipments reach their destination with utmost precision and efficiency. A few of the KPIs include Actual vs Planned, Collection On-time Performance, Delivery On-time Performance and Trend Analysis.

We are pleased to announce that our efforts have yielded impressive results. In 2023, we achieved a remarkable 22% lead time reduction. This accomplishment is a result of the great teamwork of our network operation center, customer service, trade colleagues, planning, freight solutions and other operation teams.

Stay tuned for more updates, innovations, and exciting BI dashboards in our data driven journey in the upcoming editions of our newsletter. We value your partnership and look forward to another year of successful collaborations.