Wood, Steel & Construction materials

Our dedicated and knowledgeable Steel & Construction Logistics department offers transport services, tailored to suit the needs of the steel & construction industry.

From steel oven additives in big bags and oil drilling tubes to aluminum custom sized profile. Bricks, timber, but also tiles and natural stone are at the other end of our spectrum.

Our 45ft high cube containers are equipped to load tyres so, unlike trailers, there is no need to strengthen the sides. Over-length, over-width and over-height cargo, as well as transport cargo requiring side, top or end loading can be moved easily by our flat rack equipment; ideal for transporting heavy vehicles, cranes, wood or building material.

Out-of-the-Box Solutions

  • Specialized department for your project, non-standard and out-of-gauge cargoes.
  • Commodities most frequently moved, include:
    • Metals (billets, bars, sheets, tubes, rails, coils, profiles)
    • Timber (sawn, logs, boards, sleepers, laminates)
    • Stone (blocks, slabs, tiles, bricks, roofing tiles, marble)
    • Project cargo (windmills, tanks, reels, pipes, concrete, sand)
  • Ideal for clients with 5-20 loads a year.
  • Wide range of equipment for non-containerized transports; i.e., flatracks, Euro liner and flatbed trailers, (semi) low-loaders, extendables, craned vehicles and coasters.

Ease of business

  • Reliable, flexible and competitive transit times.
  • Door-to-door solutions include cargo securing, customs, insurance, etc.
  • Access to extensive pan-European multimodal network.
  • Temporary storage or stocking options at quay sides to facilitate just-in-time deliveries.

Knowledge and Expertise 

  • Team of industry specialists since 1965; separate from the standard operation.
  • Experienced, dedicated drivers to sheet and secure the cargo, and to supply any materials required.
  • Dedicated customer service team to oversee entire transport chain.