Temperature Controlled

Through our fully integrated European reefer system, Samskip delivers temperature-controlled cargo, most importantly seafood, from shipper to client with one control tower to oversee the entire cold chain.

With a large fleet of 40ft high cube and 45ft pallet-wide reefers, we are able to safely transport all temperature sensitive or perishable products within the the range from -30°C to +30°C; e.g., fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish, flowers, plants, frozen foods, sweets, wine and pharmaceuticals.

Real-time track and trace management software is used to monitor and control the sensor-connected 45ft refrigerated container units whether they are awaiting pick-up or delivery or moving anywhere in our logistics chain. Pre-trip inspections are straightforward and speedy, with the potential for human error minimized. Meanwhile, automated alarms warn of any potential risk of cargo damage ahead of time.

Unique Advantages:

  • Access to extensive pan-European multimodal network
  • Team of specialists  
    • In-house equipment specialist
    • Dedicated contact person per industry & per geographical area
    • Local support at client’s request; i.e. communication with local DC’s for collection or delivery
  • Quality of equipment 
    • Thermo King cooling systems
    • Emerson real-time temperature & location tracking
  • Fleet size
    • Large fleet of 600+ x 45ft reefers for all modalities;
    • Extra wide reefers for fruit transport;
    • The lightest reefers available maintain a capacity similar to that of standard reefer trailers.
  • Temperature control
    • Temperature range between -30°C and +30°C
    • Plug-in on terminals & vessels & barges
    • Gensets for trucking
    • Stand chassis possible
  • Reliable and competitive transit times
  • Sustainable transport – lower CO2 emissions 
  • Real-time position tracking and temperature monitoring 
  • Less vulnerable to driving hour restrictions, traffic jams and Maut taxes