Dry & Full Loads

Different routes, cargo and regulations demand specialised and high-quality equipment.

Our Samskip owned wide range of vessels, containers, trucks and trailers offer clients the possibility to choose the right equipment for the cargo shipped. Unitised options for dry cargo include 20ft, 40ft standard, 33 pallet capacity 45ft containers and 45ft curtain sided containers. Via rail, our 13.6m standard and mega Huckepack trailers are ideal.

Throughout our network, door-to-door and quay-to-quay transport solution are offered considering competitive pricing, optimal transit time and environmental sustainability. 

In all cases shippers select the modal combinations that best meet their logistics requirements, making real choices based on frequency of service, transit times, freight rates and additional services that complete their experience with Samskip.

Over two decades, Samskip has substantially decreased the weight of the 45ft pallet-wide high cube (PWHC) container, thereby increasing payload for our clients. We are also proud to be a frontrunner in introducing new container types, such as the 45ft collapsible flatrack and the ventilated 45ft container.