Introducing The Bayern Express

Samskip Newsletter

A Multimodal transport solution right now! Increased reliability and flexibility with decreased CO2 Emissions.

2023 was a year filled with many initiatives that effectively helped us reduce our CO2 emissions reinforcing our commitment to the Sustainability Science Based Target initiative and supported our goal of reaching Net-Zero by 2040. At the same time, we have invested in ways to help our customers to navigate through these times where we all need to begin taking responsibility for greener practices and reduce carbon emissions.

Testament to Samskip’s business model and expertise, converting from road to rail continues to be a powerful solution for greener logistics. Introducing a new service called “The Bayern Express”. 

The Bayern Express is one of the initiatives of the Joint Corridors Program, where Samskip is also a partner. This is a rail connection between Rotterdam and Bayern, southeast of Germany. The service is the perfect alternative for importers or exporters to traditional road transport which accounts for much of today’s CO2 emissions. The Bayern Express offers weekly rail connections between Bayern and Rotterdam, where it connects easily to Samskip’s shortsea network. This modal-shift is ideal for customers looking for a clock-work service, efficient transport and significantly reduced carbon emissions. 

This service connects to Neurenberg 4 times a week and departs from Regensburg and Munich 2 times per week, however a daily connection to each destination translating to 5 departures per week from Monday to Friday is ultimately the goal for the future. So, with The Bayern Express, you can envision removing approximately 28,000 trucks from the roads which equivocates to more than a 55,000 ton reduction of CO2 per year.

Samskip Regional Sales Manager - West Europe, Thijs Goumans added: “The Bayern Express is yet another of Samskip’s newest initiatives towards more sustainable transport. This runs parallel to our focus to boost our customer centricity. We listen to the needs and wishes of our partners ,customers and our market and we are committed to improving the reliability and scope of our services. This is the perfect marriage of greener transport and improved support!”

RSC (Rail Service Center Rotterdam Terminal) and RST (Rotterdam Shortsea Terminal) are key components for the loading and unloading of cargo and seamless multimodal transport. The teamwork and efficiency of these partners ensure a container will reach our vessels in less than 8 hours and that the shortsea network and the rail networks connect effortlessly. Would you like to learn more about the Bayern Express Service, and how it can support your needs? Please contact your account manager or email us at