Plants and Flowers

Our flora container allows plants and flowers to be transported in a sustainable manner, while guaranteeing a fast lead time, high payload, and cost-efficient pricing.

The flora container has been developed to enable plants and flowers transport by multimodal rail. With a 2.50m internal width and a 2.78m internal height the unit loads 43 flower trolleys, equalling conventional reefer trailer capacity.

Reefer containers offer similar capabilities as reefer trailers. From full service door-door transport to real-time position tracking and temperature monitoring. In addition, the payload is also between 23-25 tonnes.

Contrary to reefer trailers, our containers are less vulnerable to driving hour restrictions, traffic jams and Maut taxes. When choosing these 45ft reefers you combine the payload of a trailer with the flexibility of a container. The airflow goes via the bottom of the container with electric reefers, and via the top for the diesel-electric ones.