Cold Storage & Warehousing

For increased flexibility, Samskip offers 3PL and 4PL warehousing solutions specialized in, but not limited to, food logistics.

Our fully-owned cold stores in Norway and the Netherlands operate under the name of frigoCare and under EU license, the core activities are:

  • Trawler unloading
  • Container receipt
  • Border inspection
  • Sorting, cross docking
  • Transhipment
  • (Re)packing, palletizing and loading of various delicate cargoes (mostly seafood)

Norway & The Netherlands

Our fully-owned cold stores in Norway and the Netherlands operate under the name of frigoCare.

The Rotterdam-based facility is EU-approved for the storage of frozen veterinary products fit for both Human and Non-Human consumption (EU approval no. K538). It is also one of few cold stores to be granted an EU-license to operate a Border Inspection Post (BIP) for all veterinary cargo with an origin outside of the EU for inspection upon entry into the European Union.

Finally, a customs license has been granted to both facilities which gives you the possibility to store your goods customs cleared or in bond, without any limitations.

Iceland & Faroe Islands

In addition to the Rotterdam and Aalesund-based frigoCare cold stores, Samskip also owns and operates an additional five high-tech dry and cold stores in the North Atlantic (Faroe Islands and Iceland).

In Iceland, Samskip operates a sophisticated logistics centre in Reykjavik with HACCP certification in recognition of the company’s observance of strict quality standards. Bar coding and electronic recording make stock control an easy matter and enables customers to check on the status of their stock at any time.

In Faroe Islands Samskip cold store is located in Kollafjordur.

From our cold stores, a wide range of sea, road and rail services are available for onward transport to destinations all around the world.