Legal Documents

In this section you will be able to find the terms & conditions of Samskip companies and further below other Legal documents.

Terms and conditions

Samskip hf – Iceland – Bill of Lading /Seawaybill Terms

This are the Bill of Lading / Seawaybill terms for all shipping services to and from Iceland and the Faroe Islands. (download document)

Samskip Multimodal Terms & Conditions

These are the applicable Terms & Conditions for all multimodal transport services carried out by Samskip Multimodal B.V. in our extensive European multimodal transport network. (download document)

Dutch Forwarding Conditions – Fenex

The applicable terms for all forwarding transport carried out by entities of Samskip. (download document)

Samskip Logistics Bill of Lading / Seawaybill conditions

These are the applicable Terms & Conditions for all transport services carried out by Samskip Logistics B.V. and their overseas sales offices. These terms are applicable on our global forwarding and NVOCC activities. (download document)

Samskip Duisburg Terminal Conditions

The applicable terms for the provision of terminal services at the Duisburg Railterminal located at Dahlingstraße 200, 47229 Duisburg, Germany. (download document)

BIFA 2021 Standard Trading Conditions

British International Freight Association (BIFA) standard trading conditions (download document)

Other Documents

Prohibited Cargo

Samskip Supplier Code of Conduct

Privacy & Cookie Statement

Samskip Subcontracting conditions for haulage