Multimodal transport connecting Italy with North Europe

Lion statue of Vittorio Emanuele II monument in Piazza del Duomo Milan, Italy

Key Features

Offering more opportunities by increased availability

  • Samskip owned terminals (Duisburg), containers, trains and vessels
  • Network throughout Europe and St. Petersburg from and to Italy overland services connecting Russia and Baltics with Italy
  • Door-Door and Quay-Quay services, FTL
  • Sustainable transport solutions - lower CO2 emmision
  • Special equipment, transport into and from South Italy
  • Customer service in local language

Specialized Equipment

45ft pallet-wide high cube container13.6m standard, mega or coil trailer
Flatracks45ft pallet-wide curtain side swap body

What we carry

We transport everything you can possibly think off

  • SO 22000: 2005 for food & alcoholics
  • ADR/Hazardous; chemicals
  • Waste; electronics; paper
  • Metals, industrial products

Our approach

Samskip strives for a better world and cares for sustainable transport solutions. By making sure that CO2 emmisions are reduced, we leave a positive footprint to the world and to you. By our unique way of listening to your needs and an open way of communicating we like to help you to fulfill your transportation needs, so you can focus on the better things in life