Customer Services in the world of transport: a multimodal challenge


Customers are becoming ever more demanding towards logistics service providers; it's not just about transporting shipments anymore. They expect updates, advice and access to real time data. A high quality contact person is expected to provide an insight into the transport process. This high quality point of contact is Customer Services.

Customer Services in the fast-paced world of logistics

Call centre or helpdesk? Neither of these describes what Customer Services really is at Samskip, one of Europe's largest multimodal transport companies. Of course, there are procedures or rules to be followed, but blindly following this process will not result in a high quality service. So what will? Multimodal transport requires ambition, courage and personal input. As a Customer Service Coordinator, you'll be signing up for a dynamic working week, whereby every day will present a new challenge.

You will be adding value to the customer process by managing customer experiences, building customer relationships and responding to the customers' business needs. You will have your own customer portfolio, which will give you a good overview and an idea of the customers you are responsible for. This could be a portfolio of customers from the same area, such as Norway, but it could also be a portfolio of customers from a variety of places. This individual contact is what makes Samskip unique.

“Certain country characteristics are also reflected in customer contact, which is nice. And when you meet your customers face-to- face, this will create even more retention.”

Getting things done

Quick and cost-efficient transport; that's what customers demand. This means that you will have to stand up for your customers; after all, you are an extension of them. It's up to you to internally convey the customer's urgency. However, this shouldn't interfere with your own schedule . It can therefore be a challenge to shift between your customer's wishes and the internal agreements.

But what if things still go wrong? You could compare the transport sector to playing dominoes; if one domino falls, they all do. A delay at the terminal will affect the rest of the transport process, quickly resulting in changes to the shedule. As a Customer Service Coordinator, it's your job to communicate this news to the customer; you are the messenger.

“You'll always need to have a counteroffer and make considerations. Are things not going according to plan? Success will be even sweeter when you do eventually succeed. And customers certainly appreciate it too.”

“Don't shoot the messenger”- delivering bad news is part of your job, and so it is to standing firm. Briefing customers about delays, handling last minute requests or giving extra attention to those customers who need it: no two days are the same. This is exactly what makes the job both educational and varied. You will continue to learn and – even after a number of years – still experience new things.

The customer's route

Requests travel along an internal route before they are dealt with at operational level. As customers submit new requests to Sales, so regular customers come straight to Customer Services. Trades set the rates and enter into agreements and subsequently forward requests to Customer Services. The collaboration with Transport Planning is essential from that moment on: as a coordinator, you will know exactly which planner can optimally handle your request. You will become the main point of contact for the customer and the link between all parties involved.

“Customer Services is the core of the business; an important pawn deciding on the moves to be made.”

Liaising with other international branches is also part of your job, mainly with offices in Norway, Ireland and the UK. You will be confronted with various EU standards and norms.

Developing yourself at Samskip

You will have a great deal of responsibility; your customers are your ‘babies'. They will lean on you and expect you to represent their interests. That's exactly what makes Customer Services interesting: it's up to you to assist customers. Self-confidence and a little courage? You will need both to make each day a successful one.

So will you get thrown into the deep end? No, definitely not. Knowledge of the market is an advantage, but not essential. You will learn the tricks of the trade and the world of transport during your training period. Your colleagues will be glad to share their own knowledge and experience with you. Young, old, male and female: Customer Services is perfectly balanced, optimally appealing to the target audience.

At first, you will have to make every effort to absorb the information, but the daily routine will allow you to quickly become familiar with the information and subsequently use it in practice.

“What matters is to achieve both personal and business developments. You'll be working on creative solutions together.”

Do you have ambitions to grow? The sky is not the limit; there are plenty of opportunities for developing yourself within Samskip. We operate multimodally, so being a natural linguist is definitely an advantage. We can also assist with that: for example, we can offer the opportunity to attend language courses, allowing you to provide your own customers with an even better service.

High quality service starts with Samskip. We recognise that togetherness is the key to success: are you ready to join us?


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