Energy Adjustment Factor (EAF) surcharge

For August 2022 collections following EAF surcharge levels per trade and bound are applicable.
The Covid19 virus still has a material impact on volumes leading to significant under-coverage of bunker costs.
For EAF surcharge levels valid in the previous month's click here.

United Kingdom--EUR 355EUR 264
Ireland / Northern Ireland--EUR 445EUR 445
Sweden / Denmark shortseaEUR 532EUR 353--
Norway Oslo FjordEUR 532EUR 353--
Norway West CoastEUR 682EUR 428--
SpainEUR 460EUR 460--
PortugalEUR 522EUR 522--
Russia / Finland / Baltics (20ft)EUR 300EUR 300--
Russia / Finland / Baltics (30-45ft)EUR 545EUR 545--
Combination of tradesSum of tables

Average exchange rates for same period: EUR / GBP: 0.85556 EUR / NOK: 10.3396EUR / SEK: 10.6843EUR / USD:1.0338

NOx emission surcharge

The NOx surcharge is applicable to all shipments to Norway.

Russia, Finland and Baltic States surcharges

Please find the tariff and surcharges applicable for Russia, Finland and the Baltic States below.

Sweden rail service surcharge

Please find the applicable floaters and explanations for the Sweden service for Energy and Fuel below.

Rail Electricity Surcharge and Low Water Surcharge

Please find information and explanations about implementation of Rail Electricity Surcharge from August 1st, 2022 and Low Water Surcharge from July 25th, 2022, below: