The Samskip Endeavour sets sail into a fossil-free future

Samskip’s enhanced focus for sustainable shipping methods makes the Samskip Endeavour the company’s first vessel in its fleet to solely use sustainable biofuels for freight transport by short sea.

Global multimodal logistics company Samskip has increased its commitment to greener shipping by prioritizing biofuels on its sailings, following recent efforts with a series of customer projects to advance the use of carbon-neutral biofuel as part of its logistics services.

The Samskip Endeavour, an 800TEU capacity containership which normally runs on traditional fuels, had the honor to become the company’s first ever container vessel which, as of today, runs fully on biofuels on all of its sailings.

In 2018 it was also the Samskip Endeavour that was the first ever vessel to be biofuel-bunkered through the GoodShipping initiative, to demonstrate the viability of biofuels as a marine fuel alternative. Made from sustainable waste streams, the fossil-free bio-residual fuel equivalent product has proved to be a successful substitute for conventional marine fuels which can be used without making any modifications to the engine.

According to Chief Operating Officer Frédéric Leca at Samskip, the Samskip Endeavour can save over 36160KG of CO2 on a single sailing from Rotterdam, The Netherlands to Hull, UK when fully utilized. ‘’This demonstrates that freight owners play in important role in reducing CO2 in the shipping industry,’’ says Leca. “This announcement marks yet another important milestone in our journey beyond the fossil default.’’

Ólafur Orri Ólafsson, Head of Sustainable Development said:  ‘’Today, Samskip accelerates and expands the use of biofuel in the shipping industry. This green way forward demonstrates our dedication to serve our customers in their needs for sustainable shipping. By introducing biofuels as a standard on the Samskip Endeavour, we take yet another step toward making green logistics easy. This second-generation 100% biofuel will reduce carbon emissions by at least 80% on any given lane, as compared to traditional fossil fuels. By shipping with Samskip, our customers are taking an active part in the decarbonization of shipping – and our efforts to provide green and clean shipping will only increase the coming months and years.’’

The biofuel shipping option is available to shippers in Europe and the UK as of today. Contact your Samskip account manager or your local Samskip office and switch to a greener way of shipping.

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