The care we give to our customers does not stop with supporting their business. Samskip is an advocate for taking responsibility for the future of our planet, now.

Samskip Newsletter

Two words describing the climate crisis are: global and urgent.

The urgency of climate change comes from clear signs of the globally spread impacts on Earth’s ecosystems. We encourage our readers to look at the last report from the IPCC, which fuels our determination and efforts when working towards a better Samskip organization and towards the best support for our customers.

We at Samskip think it is important that the sustainability report section of our climate strategy reflects these aspects:

  • Global Implications

The description of Samskip’s strategy, actions, and emissions should follow international frameworks and be consolidated as such to allow everyone the opportunity to understand the information provided.

This is why our internal processes and this section of the report are aligned with the ISO 14083, and by definition are based on the GHG Protocol methodology and the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework.

By updating stakeholders on the efforts made of each scope (1, 2 & 3), Samskip hopes to demonstrate a credible and science-based strategy.

  • Urgency

Every year brings us closer to more global environmental disasters directly resulting from climate change.

Samskip will share detailed information supported by scientific data to keep our stakeholders well informed. This part of the report will draw the climate advances and categorize them into the three scopes as defined in the GHG Protocol.

Measuring Samskip's emissions

Samskip’s carbon foot-printing system is our compass. With it, we avoid getting lost at sea. The more precise the tool is, the more chance of reaching the destination. Using primary fuel data, combined with default data where necessary, we formulate an accurate picture of Samskip’s emissions, and the efficiency of implemented reduction initiatives.

This year, we committed ourselves to updating our carbon foot-printing methodology, which will also be integrated into our IT systems, including our MySamskip Customer Portal. This new methodology will be aligned with the new ISO14083 standards for carbon foot-printing.

The road ahead

With the systematization of our carbon reporting, we can launch our reduction strategy in line with Science-Based Targets and embark on the journey to Net Zero by 2040. To contribute to the objectives of limiting temperature increases established by the Paris Agreement, we will develop and commit to mid-term and long-term reduction targets by 2024. We are submitting our targets for the SBTi validation next month.

For more information, please check out our sustainability report for this year or contact Samskip Head of Sustainability, Pedro Vasconcellos