Samskip considers sustainability to be one of the fundamentals of doing business within our industry

Samskip, changing the world of logistics

Samskip considers sustainability to be one of the fundamentals of doing business as sustainability stands for the long‐term continuity of our business, and of society.

We are committed to seizing every opportunity to be more sustainable. By focusing our efforts on the Social & Environment, Quality and Profitability principles Samskip will ensure a reduced carbon footprint.

Our commitment is demonstrated by ISO14001:2019 certification.

Samskip adheres to this commitment as one of the very first Dutch companies whose Environmental Management System is recognized under the renewed Quality Assurance scheme after securing the ISO14001:2015 certification. In line with the principles, Samskip aims to:

  • • Minimize how its operations negatively affect the environment;
  • • Comply with applicable laws, regulations and other environmentally oriented requirements;
  • • Continually improve the above.

Multimodal Shipping

Sustainability is at the heart of our business, and our goal is to continue connecting our logistics transport systems efficiently and reducing CO2 emissions. Multimodal logistics is a green transportation method that reduces transportation costs, shortens transportation time, improves transportation quality, reduces road congestion and is environmentally friendly. It can reduce carbon emissions and noise pollution while improving energy efficiency.

Biofuels FOR OUR Vessels

We increased our commitment to greener shipping through a new formal agreement with sustainable cargo initiative GoodShipping to run our fleet on marine biofuels and significantly reduce carbon footprint. The initial usage of biofuels will enable a CO2 reduction of up to 80% for any given voyage in 2021. This initiative underlines our longstanding dedication to take a leading role in reducing CO2 emissions within the industry. 

Introducing biofuels for our haulage services

With this new added-on service we enable the usage of HVO100 fossil-free biofuels on our haulage services, giving our customers the benefit of reducing their carbon footprint with a reduction of 90% compared to traditional fuels. The biofuel shipping option is available to all shippers in Europe and the UK as of today. Contact your Samskip account manager or your local Samskip office and switch to a greener way of shipping.

Environmental Management System

Samskip is one of the very first Dutch companies whose Environmental Management System is recognised under the renewed Quality Assurance scheme. Our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint are continuous and focus on three areas: Social & Environment, Quality and Profitability.

And, to measure our progress, Samskip uses five key performance indicators. We calculate exactly how much we are: increasing the intermodal component in services in tonne miles; reducing emissions per km; reducing KWh; reducing paper use in kg; and reducing water use in liters.

LNG-Powered vessels

Following the acquisition of Norwegian Nor Lines, Samskip has added the LNG-vessels, Kvitnos and Kvitbjørn, to its fleet. The Rolls-Royce Marine designed vessels, delivered in 2015, eliminate NOx emissions, minimise SOx emissions and, in per ton/km terms, produce 70% lower CO2 emissions than the equivalent truck freight move. Overall, they are 65% more energy-efficient than a ship running on conventional marine fuel.

Norway and next-gen shipping

Samskip has been named lead partner in ‘Seashuttle', a project seeking to bring emissions-free, autonomous container ships to market that also operate at a profit. The announcement coincides with the award of EUR 6 million of Norwegian government money to Project SeaShuttle to take forward development of two all-electric ships slated to connect Poland, Swedish west coast ports, and the Oslo fjord.

Solar-Powered rooftop

The record-breaking green energy system has been installed on the roof of frigoCare’s 14,000 pallet-capacity cold-store in Rotterdam. In total, some 3,100 solar panels have been fitted, covering an area of 7,500m2 and capable of generating 750,000kWh of electricity a year. This would be enough to meet the average annual energy needs of 250 family homes, significantly reducing the carbon footprint in Europe’s largest port.

Sustainability is in our core

We manage the company's production and service processes in accordance with set goals and in such a way that the impact on nature, the environment, and society is taken into account. We analyze risks and focus on staff training, to prevent accidents and ensure proper work practices and responses. We measure energy consumption regularly, use environmentally friendly energy sources as much as possible and strive to keep pollution to a minimum.

Corporate Sustainability

This is because the Samskip Corporate Sustainability strategy touches all aspects of our activities; our employees even receive ‘sustainable guidelines' to encourage environmental responsibility. Our goal is to benefit society and Samskip as a business, by improving resource efficiency, reducing waste and reducing risks.

  • Samskip has installed an innovative, environmentally friendly data center cooling system at the Samskip head office in Rotterdam to maximize the use of outside temperatures and minimize energy costs.
  • Samskip introduced a new type of composite container flooring; manufactured out of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP), the flooring promises to deliver several significant environmental and operational benefits.