Samskip Multimodal Customer Portal

mySamskip multimodal customer portal for clients around the globe

The international transportation of goods is growing increasingly more complex and, in a data-driven world, Samskip recognize that the smooth flow of information is increasingly important. As a first step toward simplification, we are delighted to introduce the first release of the mySamskip Multimodal Customer Portal.

mySamskip_V1 comes with several features including an improved VGM submission process and customs related functionalities to help you with the new flow of information required following the final part of the Brexit process.



  • Submit shipping instructions: Verify container nr / add seal nr; Shipper consignee; Cargo details
  • Submit customs document numbers
  • Upload commercial invoice for arranging customs declaration
  • View arrival notice


Submit Verified Gross Mass information


Upload Dangerous Goods Declaration


View and download offer confirmations, orders confirmations and invoices

How do I access mySamskip multimodal customer portal?

In order to access your mySamskip account, you will need a username and password.
We have invited operational contacts in your organization to create an account.
At any given moment in time if your company needs additional user-accounts, please contact your Samskip account manager, who will arrange access.

Welcome to mySamskip Multimodal Customer Portal