Samskip Crossdock: Crossing old boundaries

In 2018 Samskip launched a new service to and from Amsterdam that contributed to the overall container business of Port of Amsterdam, which achieved a new transshipment record in 2018 totaling 82.3 million tons.

The service evolved into a flourishing operation for the TMA terminal in Amsterdam as well. Benefiting of
the space availability for third parties and being in contact with many hauliers that are going empty back to
Amsterdam, Samskip identified new business opportunities related to the Crossdock facility at the terminal in
Amsterdam, located next to the rail track and the quay.

Product benefits:

Product description:

Crossdock Amsterdam product offers clients the benefit of using local based hauliers capacity on their way back from transporting flowers into Europe from the Aalsmeer flower auction. Samskip offers collection per trailer on the continent, transshipment in Amsterdam and delivery in the UK (via Hull 3x p/week, Tilbury 3x p/week & Scotland 1x p/week).

Day 1 – Cargo gets collected
The cargo gets collected on the agreed time from shippers
premises. There are different equipment types available
such as container, trailer & box-trailer.
The equipment type will be chosen based on your
operational requirements such as goods description,
available ramps, payload and opening times.

Day 2/3/4 – Cargo gets transshipped
The driver arrives at the Crossdock facility and the
transshipment will start. The containers get offloaded in
the roofed facilities of TMA terminal in Amsterdam. TMA
terminal employees are professional transshipment experts
and take good care of the cargo, independently of the nature
of the goods.

Day 3/4/5 – Cargo gets shipped on Samskip vessels
crane and directly placed on the Samskip owned vessel via
Hull and Tilbury that both sail 3 times per week.

Day 4/5/6 – Delivery of the goods
at the agreed date & time, ready to be offloaded.