The route of talent


We live in a complex world with borders that seem to be fading and an ever-increasing appetite for goods and services. For the transport sector, satisfying this appetite with efficiency and reliability requires a strong network. Transport offers a dynamic working environment and is a results-oriented business: no two days are ever the same. It is a sector that is full of opportunities for talented individuals to develop, both professionally and personally. That is why Samskip not only focuses on the best possible routes for its containers, but also on the best pathways to develop talent – including yours.

Global connection

The transport sector is an industry that has experienced impressive growth over recent years and will continue to grow in the years to come. No fewer than 1.16 billion tonnes are expected to be transported in the Netherlands alone by 2021.

By land, rail and by sea

Samskip is an international transport company with branches in 24 countries worldwide; with a core focus on Europe. From food and beverages to chemical and automotive products, our objective is to transport goods sustainably, using the optimal combination of road, sea, rail and inland waterway. Through our organisational efficiency, Samskip aims to contribute to sustainability in society as a whole. In fact, Samskip is a pioneer in sustainable transport and this is reflected in its traineeship programme, which focuses on how Samskip and its employees reach ‘green' goals together, by minimising transport by road in order to reduce traffic jams and CO2 emissions.

A route for new talent

Samskip doesn't just invest in container and trailer transport products; we invest in new talent, especially in self-starters who want to dive into the world of transport with an open mind. Our traineeship programme encourages careers to develop and expertise to flourish, so that Samskip and its trainees can reach our goals together.

Balance in the transport sector

We value balance in the workplace: transport is not a man's world, as some may think! Samskip advocates gender equality and a mixture of backgrounds because it believes difference can be a source of insight and creative problem-solving; getting the best out of each other can benefit Samskip, but it is also valuable for your personal growth. A fresh take on things is always welcome! “A critical, fresh look is essential for every company, including the transport sector.” Besides, diversity in the workplace creates more empathy. Customers and partners can better identify with Samskip if our company reflects our diverse culture.

Investing in talent: our traineeship

Our traineeship programme has been devised to ‘catch' the best talent in the talent pool. You! It also allows trainees to experience not just one, but two positions during the two-year programme. This allows you to learn the ‘tricks of the trade' in the real-world environment, and work together with the company to determine the best role for you within Samskip. “Samskip's traineeship is the flagship in our talent pool; a signpost for new talent in the transport sector.”

Navigate with Samskip

Samskip helps new, young talents navigate towards the roles where they can excel. As with any good navigation system, the route can change during the voyage. We are developing the transport sector of the future, Together with new talent. The route for talent starts with Samskip.

Where will your route lead to?


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