Strike Spanish Ports

All transport companies in Spain are currently on strike due to the known inflation and high energy prices as the current market rates for haulage services are not covering the total costs for transportation anymore. Even though the market widely accepted emergency fuel surcharges, transport companies decided to go for a full strike in order to put more pressure on the Spanish Government.

As Samskip is providing Door-Door services to our customers this is directly affecting our service.

  • As per 14.03.2022 no collections or deliveries by road are being executed.

Samskip will continue to explore the best alternatives for this temporary situation and minimize the impact on our customers. In some cases, we are forced to add rerouting and other strike-related costs.

We are currently investigating how the situation will develop over the coming days and are looking for alternative solutions.

We thank you for trusting us with your business and greatly value your understanding,