Samskip wins 5th place in 2017 FleetBoard Drivers League promoting fuel efficient truck driving


Samskip entered the 2017 FleetBoard Drivers League together with 80 other Dutch transport companies where its truck drivers won fifth place (with a total of 9,63 points out of 10)!

The three best performing drivers were Martins Perkons, Ilgonis Eksa and Imants Ellers. In addition, Martins also won fifth place in the category ‘individual performance'!

Since January 2016, Samskip Van Dieren Multimodal has introduced a coaching programme to promote fuel efficient driving among the 260 truck drivers employed with Samskip Riga. Fuel efficient driving focuses on reducing fuel and CO2 emissions while increasing road safety and truck lifetime (i.e. brakes, tyres, gear box).

Since its kick-off, we have already achieved substantial savings: a 6% reduction in CO2 emissions per g/km, 6% less fuel consumption per L/100kms and a 10% reduction in truck damages as compared to 2015.

The programme consists of fuel saving tips & tricks and tailored advice via regular training sessions. In addition, using the built-in Mercedes FleetBoard computer system, performance of each individual truck driver is monitored and reviewed.

Each month the results are shared with the truck drivers to further improve their performance where the following criteria are considered:

  • Anticipating driving style
  • Gear and break behaviour
  • Accelerator movement
  • The number of stops
  • Steady speed (use of Cruise control and Predictive Powertrain Control)

The programme is led by Supervisor Fleet Management Gerwin Winters and supported by Ilze Zaula, MD Samskip Riga, two FleetBoard consultants and a Mercedes-Benz representative.

We congratulate Martins, Ilgonis, Imants and all other drivers with their outstanding performance and efforts!


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