Samskip supports Dutch community in the education of children


Last Wednesday Samskip organised a terminal tour at the Rotterdam Shortsea Terminal for 18 children and their teachers of the Rotterdam branch of the IMC Weekendschool.

Since 2015, Samskip has been sponsoring the IMC Weekendschool, a school for supplementary education for children aged 10-14 from underprivileged neighbourhoods in the bigger cities in the Netherlands; improving these children's perspectives, help acquiring self-confidence and a sense of connectedness to Dutch society. Of course our aim was also to stimulate knowledge on the transport industry, and on Samskip in specific.

After picking up the children at the school, the children arrived at the Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals (RST) where a short presentation of Samskip was held. After receiving a snack and a goodie bag, the children were taken on a 2-hour fieldtrip with a RST representative, which included the repairing and welding of a container and a fork-lift, gantry crane and reach stacker in action. In addition, the children have been inside a reefer container to see how large it really is.

>> The children of the IMC Weekendschool left with a clear and positive feeling about the RST terminal and Samskip.

After having their picture taken on the terminal, the children left in a cheerful mood.

We would like to thank everyone involved for making this happen!


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