Samskip ranked 3rd on the Drivers’ League 2020

Samskip entered the 2020 FleetBoard Drivers League together with other Dutch transport companies.

Since January 2014, Samskip SIA has introduced a coaching program to promote fuel-efficient driving among the 200 truck drivers employed with Samskip Riga. Fuel efficient driving focuses on reducing fuel and CO2 emissions while increasing road safety and truck lifetime (i.e. brakes, tires, gearbox).

Since its kick-off, we have achieved substantial savings in CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, truck damages, and fewer accidents. The program consists of fuel-saving tips & tricks and tailored advice via regular training sessions. In addition, using the built-in Mercedes FleetBoard computer system, the performance of each individual truck driver is monitored and reviewed. Each month the results are shared with the truck drivers to further improve their performance.
The last Drivers’ League has been in 2018 when Samskip has got 5th place (with a total of 9,63 points out of 10).

The League 2020 period was for the time September, October, and November and 3 categories were nominated:

  • The best three Companies
  • The best three Drivers
  • The three drivers with the best progress in the League’s period.

We can congratulate Samskip Riga on 3rd  place in the company competition: with a total of 9.70 points out of 10.

Safest company car fleet 2020/ Latvia

Insurance company Balta and Transport Ministry of Latvia already 8th year organizing the annual competition “Safest company car fleet 2020”  and 26th of November honored Latvian companies, which this year have come up with successful solutions to the crisis and good practices, without leaving the safety issues of the fleet in the second plan, even during the pandemic. In order to raise awareness among Latvian car fleet companies about the safe fleet and to promote good practice, on Thursday, the Golden category awards are awarded to 10 companies (in different activities), which are actively and responsibly involved in improving road safety.

In category “International freight carriers” also SIA Samskip received Golden category.

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