Samskip installs innovative, environmentally friendly data center cooling system


Samskip is pleased to announce an innovative, environmentally friendly data center cooling system has been installed earlier this month.

In line with Samskip's Sustainability strategy, an innovative, ‘green' data center cooling system has been installed at the Samskip head office in Rotterdam to maximize the use of outside temperatures and minimize energy costs.

The innovative system senses external conditions and automatically ‘decides' whether the temperature of the air outside could be useful for cooling inside. If the external temperature is at or below 17 ˚C, the system draws in air from outside to save energy. If the outside temperature is higher than 17 ˚C, the system switches to its regular way of operating. The two cooling units work one at a time for redundancy purposes.

In addition, Samskip uses redundant, or so-called ‘in-row' cooling units to cool the air in the data center. These units ensure that each row is always filled with cool air to flow through the units, while warm air enters from the other side to optimize airflow.

Samskip Manager IT Technical Services, Erwin Zwikstra, says: “In a traditional data center the amount of electricity used for cooling can be equivalent to that needed to run the rest of the center's equipment. In the past years, we successfully reduced the total energy consumed by virtualizing our servers, using the available computer power in the most optimal way, and not wasting energy by heating up the air.

“Our aim is to run our business in as environmentally friendly a way as is possible; this is true for our logistics operations, but also for our offices. This next step will enable us to cut energy costs and ultimately reduce our carbon footprint.”, Zwikstra adds.

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