Samskip expands its fleet by adding sustainable LNG-powered trucks

In cooperation with Don Trucking, Samskip is introducing five brand new LNG-operated trucks in its fleet which offers shippers an even easier way to reduce their carbon emissions throughout their entire logistical supply chain.

Samskip sees the scaled-up use of sustainable fueling alternatives as opening a pathway for shippers seeking to reduce CO2 emission in their supply chain while transporting cargo by road. This new partnership with Don Trucking is viewed as the first of many partnerships to come and to rapidly add more LNG-powered trucks to the companies’ fleet. Samskip is rapidly moving forward to a more sustainable way of transporting within all layers of its logistical chain and is actively acting on creating a greener fleet by gradually switching to low-emission alternatives.

LNG stands for Liquefied Natural Gas and for many years, natural gas has been used in homes, but has also quickly become popular as fuel in the transport industry. Although natural gas is considered a traditional fuel, it is the cleanest burning fuel available today.  The LNG-powered trucks are, emission-wise, a better alternative than trucks running on fossil fuels, as the LNG-powered trucks still meet the high demands on performance, fuel efficiency and operating range.

 ‘’We are committed to provide our customers with shipping options that are aligned with their corporate and social responsibility objectives,’’ says Frédéric Leca, Chief Operating Officer, at Samskip. ’’Moving to a greener solution and reducing carbon emission is a core strategy for Samskip. We acknowledge that it is increasingly important to be able to offer customers a new way of doing business with us. Further enhancing the use of LNG in our network is a combination that our customers in regional and long haulage require.’’

‘’We are very pleased to see an active involvement from logistical service providers towards sustainable solutions,’’ says Dariusz Hejnicki, Board Member, at Don Trucking. ‘’More and more companies are looking to sustainable shipping alternatives and we are proud to be doing this together with Samskip. We take pride to lead by example and show that transporting cargo with a significant reduction of emissions is possible and that the time to make that switch has come.’’

In addition, Samskip is a proud partner of Ecobal, an ecological initiative that is supported by both companies focusing on restoring the European forests and its biodiversity. Read more here Samskip x Ecobal partnership.

Samskip’s sustainable shipping options are available to all shippers in Europe and the UK as of today. Contact your Samskip account manager or your local Samskip office and switch to a greener way of shipping.

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