Samskip donates computers to support the education of local community in Sierra Leone


Last week Samskip, in cooperation with the Aurora Foundation, a non-Governmental organization, donated 100 PCs and laptops for a free ICT training among Freetown citizens in the Republic of Sierra Leone.

After inviting locals to join the free training on Freetown's AirRadio 105.3, 85 students signed up, eager to improve their computer skills.

The 5-day ICT training kicked off on Monday 14th March. As a surprise, those who graduate today will be given a computer to continue their training!

With the arrival of the computers from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the Aurora Foundation will now start to set up the teaching facilities.


Founded in 2005, the Aurora Foundation has undertaken considerable charity work, notably in Sierra Leone. It has built 67 schools, trained 300 teachers to work in the new schools and Aurora has taken over the operations of four fish landing sites in Sierra Leone.

Together with Samskip, the Foundation will continue with its investment plans for Sierra Leone, in support of a future beyond Ebola; the Foundation is committed to the country's economic recovery.

For more information on the Aurora Foundation, please refer to their website or follow them on Facebook.

We would like to thank everyone involved for making this happen.

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