Samskip at Breakbulk Europe 2019


The world's largest event for project cargo and breakbulk specialists provides a focal point for Samskip in 2019, as the multi-disciplined transport and logistics company continues its growth strategy for breakbulk.

Samskip offers transport and related services by land, sea, rail and air with a particular focus on cost efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly transport. 

With offices in 24 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia, Samskip employs 1,500 people around the world. Within this portfolio, the breakbulk and project cargo markets represent a growing part of company activities, through regular sailings within Europe as well as from Europe to Russia and Central Asia, and through the acquisition of Norwegian carrier Nor Lines in 2018. The group will be represented by Samskip GmbH (Stand 6D71) and by Samskip Nor Lines (Stand 6B51).

Samskip Nor Lines at Breakbulk 2019

Samskip Nor Lines offers weekly multipurpose services for the ‘high and heavy', breakbulk and RoRo cargoes, and a ‘one stop shop' of transport options for loads moving between Norwegian ports and Samskip's home and hub port of Rotterdam, as well as Velsen and Eemshaven. Inducement calls are also offered along the Norwegian coast to accommodate larger projects where loads cannot be moved over the road.

Speaking on behalf of Samskip Nor Lines, Business Development Manager, Emil Skavlem says: “Following its acquisition of Nor Lines in 2017, shippers have responded very positively to the greater service flexibility and the synergies made available as part of the Samskip group.”

The Nor Lines service overhaul was designed to meet rising demand for reefer and project cargo services southbound and increase capacity for conventional and project cargoes northbound along the Norwegian coast and beyond to Murmansk. Samskip Nor Lines is now able to connect the European continent to Western, Mid and Northern Norway, with links into Rotterdam providing a gateway that links into deepsea services that is unrivalled in Europe.

Clients have welcomed fresh, value-added competition for project cargoes northbound, but also the offer of a new option for southbound shipments of machinery, construction equipment and oil & gas related material along the Norwegian coast, says Skavlem. “As well as occupying a special place in the project cargo market, Nor Lines ships can offer the flexibility of palletized cargo, big bags, RoRo and containers,” he adds.

The acquisition of Nor Lines also aligned closely with Samskip's wider policies as an ISO14001-certified company whose sustainable transport policy to move freight from road to sea, through the addition of the LNG-fueled vessels Kvitnos and Kvitbjørn to its fleet. These vessels were developed in close cooperation with Rolls-Royce Marine with the purpose to eliminate NOx emissions, minimize SOx emissions and, in per ton/km terms, produce 70% lower CO2 emissions than the equivalent truck freight move. Overall, they are 65% more energy-efficient than a ship running on conventional marine fuel.

“Between the Baltics and Norway, Samskip Nor Lines is also unique in being able to offer crane capacity for 50mt heavy lift operations and, between Rotterdam and Hammerfest, up to 80mt using Kvitbjørn and Kvitnos,” says Skavlem.

Samskip GmbH at Breakbulk 2019

Across four different trade lanes, Samskip GmbH provides all types of tonnage to ensure that shippers and receivers of breakbulk, heavy lift and project cargo loads can connect to fully-managed logistics services covering the North Sea and Baltic Sea, Russia, Caspian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Marmara and the Black Sea/Azov Sea.

Samskip's activities include shipments by sea and by river, with a reach using the Russian river system connecting the Baltic Sea in the North and the Azov Sea in the South with the Caspian Sea.

Malte Bode, Breakbulk & Project Division, Samskip GmbH says that a substantial part of the company's business today originates from the Far East, arriving in either Mediterranean/Marmara or Black Sea ports (as well as at North Continent ports) for transhipment to Caspian Sea or Russian hinterland ports.

Bode says that the number of project cargo loads continued to experience modest recovery through 2018 and the early part of 2019, after an extended period of slack demand resulting from low oil and gas prices. He cites the ‘Navoi' and ‘Turakurgan' projects last year as “massive accomplishments” that demonstrated Samskip's abilities and ambitions: more than 25 Russian sea-river-vessels moved approx. 84,000 freight tons of power plant equipment originating in the Far East over a five month period on behalf of a Turkish client from Constanta to ports in Kazakhstan/Turkmenistan (with final destination in Uzbekistan).

“It is these types of projects that highlight Samskip's ability to provide timely shipping solutions, drawing on our strength as an organization and our knowledge of local regulations, languages, documentation, port procedures and customs/transit formalities,” said Bode.

The breakbulk services falling under the direct responsibility of Samskip GmbH cover the following trade routes:

Baltic Sea Service
Northern Russia Line
European Caspian Shipping Line (ECSL)
Black Sea / Med Line

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