Arrival new Samskip Coolboxx reefers


Samskip Multimodal is pleased to inform you 50 brand new Samskip Coolboxx reefers have arrived at the Rotterdam Shortsea Terminal this week.

These new 45ft pallet wide high cube reefers will be added to the existing Samskip Coolboxx fleet. Another 90 reefers, currently being manufactured in China, are due for delivery January, 2014.

Enhanced features

Due to an improved design, using flat composite inner lining, the new reefer containers are lighter, stronger, easier to clean and allow for a smoother (un)loading process.

In addition, the Tare weight has been reduced from 5.990 kilograms to 5.760 kilograms, further increasing payload capacity.

What is more, the used insulation material is 100% non-CFC (Cyclopentane), further increasing our environmentally friendly business.

Finally, a high performance Thermo King Magnum Plus engine has been installed, designed specifically for long distance transportation of deep frozen, frozen, chilled or heated cargo in a temperature range of -40°C to +30°C.

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