New Samskip movie


We are pleased to launch a new Samskip movie focusing on the ‘multimodal dance' set up in close collaboration with the Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals (RST), the Rail Service Centre (RSC) and many others.

There're not just roads where we go. It isn't just the river, or only the sea. And we run, on more than rails alone.

We cover all these transport modes to be of service. To keep the promise. To get it… there.

This multimodal dance is in everything we move. It's the smarter way to look at freight and the reason's plain to see. When the key, to keeping promises, is always having an alternative; when there's no place where we cannot reach; when every mode of transport has its own perfect appeal. We are Samskip. And it'll be there.

We are many captains, many teams, moving synchronized, as one. With as many minds in many cities, there isn't a challenge we won't take on. No matter how demanding the European tapestry: we are Samskip, rest assured: it'll be there.

We're at our best when it matters most: a specialist, delicate, exclusive care. When it's not just any cargo, you need not just any carrier. Samskip. Together, we make things happen.

Click here to watch the brand new Samskip movie:

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