e-CMR – Optimizing Transport Processes

A new way of moving forward

Multimodal operator Samskip has identified that there are always benefits to be gained in the field of optimization and digitization within the transport chain. By introducing TransFollow's digital consignment note solution, Samskip is taking the next step in offering real-time insight into every shipment for every party in the logistical chain, contributing to a further optimized supply chain for shippers.

‘’ We are more than excited to be able to offer our customers a new way of working with Samskip. Now more than ever our customers are asking us for a more efficient and sustainable alternative of the traditional consignment note. As a focus on innovations in the future of logistics, it becomes increasingly important to go paperless and reduce the overall CO2 footprint. Calling all of our customers to join us now in taking this digital lead and benefit of a simple and easy way to get introduced to e-CMR. ’’ -Daniel Condon, Project Lead e-CMR Implementation

Customer Focus

Samskip transports hundreds of containers every day and every one of those containers requires a unique multimodal solution. Aiming to provide businesses with a more efficient and cost-effective solution, CO2 emissions are reduced significantly.

By implementing the digital consignment note Samskip provides the option of viewing the current status of the consignment note. Additionally, the shipper automatically receives the e-CMR via their account and directly into their mailbox, simply by providing the email addresses of the required recipients of e-CMR.

The shipper benefits from numerous advantages. By reducing administrative operations fewer actions are needed and thus faster the administrative settlement. The digital CMR solution upgrades the shippers' supply chain to a supply network, in which everyone has access to the same information at the same time. Lowering chances of notes getting lost, damaged, or not being readable at all by reducing paper consumption, all together with stimulating a close collaboration between the shipper, carrier, and recipient.

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