Chairman Samskip Rail, Henk van Dieren, awarded with the 'Spoorman van het Jaar 2018' award


Last week, Henk van Dieren, Chaiman Samskip Rail, was honored with the 'Spoorman van het Jaar 2018' award. A huge recognition for all our rail related activities. Samkip congratulates Henk with this achievement and wants to thank everyone involved in making this happen. 

''The 'Spoorman van het Jaar 2018' is a real intermodal pioneer in the field of both continental transport as well as in short sea shipping. He has been inspired for years to promote intermodal transport, the 45ft container influenced him even more. Due to the lack of terminals with seamless train connections in the east of the Netherlands, he had his own terminal built in Duisburg. As of today 72 train departures are heading per week from Duisburg towards destinations as Scandinavia, Italy, Southern Germany and China. In addition 8 other departures already run from Rotterdam to Italy per week and soon there will be 3 more departures per week from Amsterdam.No one deserves the title 'Spoorman van het Jaar 2018' more than he does.'' -Gerard de Groot, Spoorman van het Jaar 2017. 


Thank you for all your dedicated work Henk!

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