A greener future with the Samskip Endeavour – a dive into the numbers of 2021

Living up to the company’s commitment to rapidly enhance sustainable shipping options, Samskip is accelerating and expanding the usage of biofuels within its fleet, which has led to quite an impressive number for the company’s 800TEU container vessel.

Initially starting with a 50% biofuel blend in the first half 2021 and switching to 100% biofuel after the summer period, the Samskip Endeavour was able to achieve a CO2 saving of 12.000 tons in 2021! This is a saving of more than 70% of CO2 emission when compared to traditional fuels. This translates into unburdening 200.000 trees from absorbing these emissions from the atmosphere over the course of ten years.

‘’Reducing fuel emissions and consumption is a critical next step for the maritime transport industry, so we are incredibly proud to lead this transition and to offer our customers a sustainable solution. Our efforts to provide green and clean shipping will only increase in the coming months and years,’’ says Ólafur Orri Ólafsson, Head of Sustainable Development at Samskip.

In 2018, the Samskip Endeavour was the first ever vessel to be biofuel-bunkered by the company’s longtime partner GoodShipping. These biofuels, which find their origin from fossil-free sustainable waste streams, have proved to be a successful substitute for conventional marine fuels, and can be used without making any modifications to the vessel’s engine.

Contact your Samskip account manager or your local Samskip office and switch to a greener way of shipping.