Samskip Glossary

A glossary of words and their definitions used in the transport industry

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Tank container
Container storage units used mostly for transportation of liquid materials, gases and powders

A facility for loading, handling or discharging containers. Terminals can be both inland terminals for trucks and rail or port terminals are accessed by vessels and these can contain multiple berths.

Transit Time (TT)
Interval needed for a shipment to be delivered once it has been picked up from the point of departure. The exact time is mostly measured in hours and days. (For samskip the TT start when the truck departs with the goods/ container from the premises of the customer and ends when the goods/ container are delivered at the final destination.)

Transport Type
Describes the start and endpoint of the transport, whether that location is a terminal or a customer address, based on the execution of the booking. E.g., Door2Door, Quay2Quay, BreakBulk.

For short sea vessels, re-locating of cargo or containers from one vessel to another vessel, while in transit to its final destination.

Tunnel container
Container storage units provided with doors on both ends of the container, they are extremely helpful in quick loading and unloading of materials

Twenty-foot equivalent Unit (TEU)
A measure used for capacity in container transportation.  Therefore; a 40” container is 2 TEU and a 45” container = 2,25 TEU. To be confirmed by board about 45’’ container. In current way of working, no uniformity on number of TEUs for 45’’ container.