Samskip Glossary

A glossary of words and their definitions used in the transport industry

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Upon customer's request or because cargo is refused at destination, container must be returned to port of loading or another import location

To offer a new quote for the same request against current conditions

When an import customer wants to reuse the import container for a new export.

Refrigerated container (Reefer)
An intermodal container (shipping container) used in intermodal freight transport that is capable of refrigeration for the transportation of temperature-sensitive, perishable cargo such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and other similar items

A non-freight paying transport of an empty container to ensure that the container will be at a depot or terminal where it is needed for freight paying cargo.

Return on Investment (ROI)
Net profits divided by net worth or total equity. Expressed in percentages (%).

Revenue recognition moment
Moment in time when revenue is reported.

Roll over
When an ocean freight cargo is said to have been ‘rolled’, it means it has not been loaded onto the vessel, barge or train it was meant to be shipped on but rolled to a subsequent vessel, barge or train.

For a modality, a full trip from the start location to a (one or multiple) destination and its return trip to the start location combined.

Running quotes
Quotes where the valid until date has not passed yet