Samskip Glossary

A glossary of words and their definitions used in the transport industry

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Container (full/ empty) is picked up at any terminal (sea or inland) loaded on a truck chassis at location for transport by truck (also applies for trailers, except doesn’t require loading on chassis).

A facility with piers or docks. Ports are accessed by vessels and barges and represent the destinations of a voyage. Ports can contain one or more terminals

Port call
A intermediate stop of a vessel in the rotation of ports on the voyage for i.e. cargo operation, repairs or taking on supplies or fuel. A vessel may have several terminal calls during a single port call.

Port call swap
Occurs when the vessel port call rotation is changed after publication of the long-term schedule

Port of Discharge (POD)
Location where the cargo is discharged from the last sea-going vessel.

Port of Loading (POL)
Location where the cargo is loaded onto a first sea-going vessel for water transportation.

Port Omission
When a ship does not call a port included in the long-term schedule that was planned at the start of the voyage.

Potential customer
Someone who seeks professional services from a business.

Profit Center
Applies to function within an organization that does directly generate external revenue.

Purchase Order (PO)
Legal document (T&C). Send by buyer to a supplier (includes types of goods, quantity, and price). By approving PO, supplier confirms they can fulfill request. Samskip examples include the confirmed PO overview and the confirmed RCN.