Samskip Glossary

A glossary of words and their definitions used in the transport industry

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Repositioning ratio of roundtrip

A barge is a flat-bottomed boat, built mainly for river and canal transport of bulk goods. Originally barges were towed by draft horses on an adjacent towpath. Barges have changed throughout time. From 1967 to 1983 barges were considered a flat bottom boat that was nineteen feet in length or larger.

Base Rate Freight
Rate for a transport from one place to another excluding surcharges and charges for additional services. Base rate freight is based on transport costs + pre-defined margins

A designated location in a port or harbour used for mooring vessels

Once every other week

Booked quotes
All offered quotes with at least one booking on them

A reservation of space and/ or equipment for a vessel/ voyage and possibly inland transport with a specific origin/ destination/ equipment type and commodity. Created by Customer Service or by the customer (via the customer portal). Booking can include surcharges that are not included in the quote.

Booking Owner
Customer service representative, can also be a customer service department, responsible for a customer booking

Border crossing
The point on a border between two countries, where people, transports or goods can cross. This may or may not include a customs checkpoint.

Cargo not stuffed in a container or trailer: cargo carried in unitized form such as palletised, bagged, strapped, bundled, drummed and crated. Also non unitised general cargo such as verhicles, steel, etc.

Business Type
Entered in the agreement between MySamskip and the customer (Door2Door, Quay2Quay, BreakBulk).