Brexit – Border Control

With this webpage and our regular communications to you we aim to show the current position on how the border with the UK will work in 2021. We want to demonstrate the main areas for your attention and action to ensure as smooth a transition as possible as the UK’s exit from the EU relating to trading of goods is finalized from 1.1.2021.

In August Samskip published a Q&A for our customers and you will find links and a pdf copy on this page. We will update this page regularly and send out further communications in the coming weeks to explain what Samskip can do for you and how you can help us.

Preparing for the future - What steps should I take?

We hope you find the information we provide helpful in your preparations. Our Q&A, the government, and industry info on which it is based provide a lot of detailed information and links to the agencies involved. The key points to ensure the smoothest transition as possible are:

  • To engage with your partners and key players;
  • Be clear what the goods are that you are trading in;
  • Ensure your trading contracts are clear and fit for purpose;
  • Engage a customs intermediary for your responsibilities;
  • Ensure your partners do the same for their responsibilities;
  • Implement a compliant packaging regime.

Please keep Samskip informed of your decisions so that we can play our part in achieving smooth trading under the new rules. For more information and detailed guidance please check the Brexit Q&A document we published in August

Customer Portal

We will launch a customer portal for submitting information around customs formalities soon. This online platform gives you full control of your orders, making things easier for you.

  • Submitting shipping instructions;

In order to ensure that we submit correct manifest information to customs, you can verify or correct these data in the customer portal. We show you the shipper, Consignee and Cargo details you have supplied at time of booking, you can easily review and confirm that that is the correct information to submit to customs.

  • Submitting customs document numbers;

Customs documents have to be registered in Port Community Systems (PCS) such as Portbase and Destin8.  You can upload your customs document numbers in the customer portal, we relay them to the PCS electronically.

  • Uploading commercial invoice for arranging customs clearance;

If you have an agreement that Samskip will arrange customs clearance on your behalf, you can upload a commercial invoice and submit required information for customs clearance such as HS-code and EORI-nr.

  • View arrival notice;

For Import customs clearances you can view the arrival notice: the information we have manifested on your behalf in order to verify whether the data in your import customs clearance match the customs manifest.


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