Samskip Multimodal receives 440 brand new 45ft containers


Samskip Multimodal is pleased to announce 440 brand new 45ft PWHC containers have arrived in Rotterdam in Q2, 2013. 

A total of 550 containers have been ordered in China of which another batch of 80 containers arrived at the Rotterdam Shortsea Terminal by barge last week. The last ones are due for delivery Q3, 2013.

Enhanced features

Due to an improved design, the new containers all have one cubic metres of internal capacity extra.

Secondly, the Tara weight has been reduced from 4.230 kilograms to 4.200 kilograms, further increasing payload capacity. What is more, floor support has been enhanced, increasing the birch floor's lifetime.

Finally, due to a higher tensile steel construction, our containers have become even more rigid further increasing the containers lifetime.

Replacement old containers

These containers will replace the old Geest-containers still in our fleet which should all be replaced by end of 2014.

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