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Samskip opens new chapter in sea freight for rural Iceland


One of Samskip's container vessels will sail from Reykjavik to Isafjordur, Akureyri and Reydarfjordur and from there to Immingham in the UK and Rotterdam in the Netherlands, calling Kollafjordur in the Faroe Islands along the way. From Rotterdam the vessel will return to Iceland, arriving in Reykjavik on Sunday, 31 March, and sail again for Europe the next day, 1 April. The number of ports of call might increase in the future.

"We have become aware of the great need for direct shipping from the West Fjords and North Iceland, for example, for seafood products, to the main markets in the UK and mainland Europe. We are now seizing the opportunity and reorganising our shipping system. With these changes we are meeting our customers' wishes and needs," said Samskip's CEO Ásbjörn Gíslason.

Exports, imports and domestic shipping

The new shipping route offers new and very intriguing options for Samskip's Icelandic and foreign customers:

  • Exporting directly from rural areas in Iceland to Britain, the Faroe Islands and Mainland Europe, with connections throughout the world.
  • Importing directly from Britain and Mainland Europe to Reykjavik, Isafjordur, Akureyri and Reydarfjordur.
  • Domestic shipping from Reykjavik to the three rural harbours.
  • Domestic shipping from Isafjordur to Akureyri and Reydarfjordur or from Akureyri to Reydarfjordur.

"It is very good that Isafjordur will again become an export harbour; this is of enormous importance for the dynamic export companies in the area. I have high expectations for this and think that the development will greatly strengthen the competitiveness of the nearby companies," said Daníel Jakobsson, mayor of Isafjordur.

"We are of course very happy with the shipping improvements this change will bring to North Iceland. This will very noticeably invigorate the region, with shipments both to and from the capital area, but we are no less pleased with the direct route now opening to our trading countries in Europe," said Halla Björk Reynisdóttir, chairman of Akureyri's Town Council.

Environmentally sound change—rationalising, saving and protecting the road system

This change will mean rationalisation and financial savings for exporters and importers in rural areas by putting them in direct contact with their most important market areas in Europe. The new sailing route will reduce overland shipments. Expensive oil will be saved; the load on Iceland's road system will decrease, and the change will be very positive and environmentally sound.

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